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Laboratory of advanced materials

The Laboratory of Advanced Materials technology is planned in order to become a centre of technical-scientific training and applied research in the metallurgical field. Its activities will be developed in collaboration with the regional industry,as well as expanding to a larger panorama by joining international contests.
The realization of this laboratory is part of the so-called “Metallurgy Plan” promoted by the Faculty of Engineering of Udine’s University, and supported by Friuli Innovation Consortium, the Industrial Association of Udine Province and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handcraft and Agriculture of Udine. This plan also includes a Master of Metallurgy first activated in the academic year 2002/03.

Structure and services
The laboratory is structured into three sections, each related to specific research lines respectively in the fiels of metallurgy, mechanics and advanced materials.
From an operating point of view the laboratory is divided into:

  • characterization and analysis;
  • durability tests.

All the sections will be equipped with scientific forefront instruments to carry out chemistry and microstructural surveys, also with nanometric definition and to complete complex mechanical and chemical resistance tests on components.
The structure of the laboratory is a modulate one in order to concur to its gradual evolution by finding adequate financial and human resources and according to a coherent development which takes into account real needs coming from the metallurgical entrepreneurial world. In particular, 

  • the section of “Characterization and Analysis” has been equipped with suitable instruments to make analysis on chemical composition and on morphologic and microstructural characteristics of materials and metallic alloys, both on surface level and inner structure of the materials, allowing therefore the planning and development of new materials and production processes;
  • the section “Durability tests” is equipped with instruments capable to make mechanical and mechanical-chemistry tests in order to estimate the behavior of metallic materials or mechanical components. Particular attention is given to the study of specific degradation phenomena, like for example effort, usury, oxidation, corrosion and matched phenomena.

Some further lines of research that could be activated are: the study of steel and light alloys and ultra-light fabrication processes for the transports industry; the study of innovative materials in the energetic field and for the reduction of toxic-injurious emissions; the study of new materials in the refrigeration field and in the household-electric one; the study of welding processes and, at last, the development of new production technologies to low environmental impact and innovative coverings of materials

Laboratory advanced materials

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