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TFM-LAB - Laboratory of Applied Thermo-Fluid Dynamics and Machinery

TFM-LAB, Laboratory of Applied Thermo-Fluid Dynamic and Machinery, is the headquarters of Real & Virtual Testing Division of Advantech TIME Srl, Spin-off of University of Udine operating in engineering innovation of product and process. The laboratory was founded to offer services of unconventional experimental tests, that are capable of meeting specific needs of client companies for product engineering and development.

Engineering skills within Advantech TIME staff, combined with available apparatus in TFM-LAB, making possible the realization of dedicated test services, starting from testing methodology definition and tests conduction to results analysis, and, if required, the integration of results into product development processes of client companies.

For example, test activities may include:

  • Characterization of flow field, thermal field within components or air/gas/liquid complex circuits
  • Analysis and optimization of performance and efficiency of fans and blowers
  • pressure loss measurement of heat exchangers or components
  • thermal performance measurement of air/air, air/water, air/refrigerant heat exchangers
  • relief of operating conditions and performance of heat pumps and refrigeration systems
  • characterization of adiabatic and steam humidification systems
  • monitoring of performance and power consumption of appliances or other electronic/electrical equipment.


More generally is possible to realize the measurement of following quantities:

  • pressure
  • temperature of gases, liquids, solids and surfaces
  • speed
  • humidity
  • electrical load
  • flow rate of air, gases or liquids.

The typical structure of our activity is organized as follows:

  • preliminary problem analysis to jointly achieve a test methodology definition, responding to economic and functional timing necessities of the customer company
  • if required, dedicated test facility realization
  • conducting tests and results analyzing
  • collaboration and support for the integration of obtained results with R&D product process
  • proposal of new solutions for achieving the goals about product development
  • if required, supply and installation of dedicated test facility at client company and training services of dedicated staff.

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