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Conventions IGA. A genoma of annata

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Via Sabadini Udine Auditorium of the Region

Applied Genomic Institute. The vine project

The vine genoma sequencing, concluded in October 2007, in advance on the previewed times, is going to be completed with the assemblage and the definitive annotation of the sequence. In agrrement with Italian and French colleagues of VIGNA, the Applied Genomic Institute organizes two conventions, in order to communicate the results to fnders and to the scientific community and the vitivinicolo world.

Friday March 7th  "TUNING THE TASTE OF WINE",The results of the French-Italian grape genome sequencing project and their potential for applications" The workshop has a scientific character  and therefore it will be in English language

Saturday March 8th "A GENOMA OF ANNATA". From the vine genome sequencing to the tomorrow viticulture. The workshop has a revealling character ant it will be in Italian. The aim of the workshop is to report the results and  the state of advance of the plans to regional funders  and to the peolple operating in that field.

Both conventions will be carried out in the new Auditorium of the Region in Via Sabadini in Udine.

Riccardo Illy, President of the Region, will partecipate to the convention of March 8th.

The Auditorium entrance is in Via Sabadini 31. (Buses line 3 - from station FS, stopped Piazale Cella)

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