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The research comes in enterprise, the operational phase of FVG R2B

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The operational phase of the new project of Friuli Innovation to bring research results into small and medium enterprises and supporting economic growth across the area through an increase in competitiveness.
The aim is not new, indeed in the lines of intervention that Friuli Innovazione pursues for the benefit of the regional system. What makes an extremely significant project, funded by Regione FVG with LR 26/2005 (art. 21), is the involvement and participation with own resources of the University of Udine, Udine, SISSA, CHAMBER of COMMERCE, Confindustria, Confartigianato Udine, API Udine, VI-Grade Srl, Infotel Srl, Acciaierie Cividale Spa, IGA Technology Services and Catas Spa, demonstrating a comprehensive and concrete interest of actors of the territory towards this initiative.
The goal of "FVG-R2B Quest for competitiveness of the enterprise" is to intercept and transfer to the market the best available scientific and technological achievements in the region, developing activities on two separate dies.
The first, "> Enterprise Search", will be aimed at select scientific contributions and innovations more attractive to businesses and to encourage the launching of joint projects with universities and research centres. Teachers and researchers will be asked to find which studies and applications may have implications for the market in the short term, thanks to partnerships with local businesses. Conversely, companies will be able to express ideas and innovation projects and find, thanks to the FVG-R2B, the skills required to perform the search. All these activities of technology transfer will focus in particular on the sectors deemed strategic for Friuli Innovazione, such as extended-ICT, metallurgy and technology of surfaces and materials, biotechnology, environment and timber.
The second line, "> Enterprise Idea", provides the scouting business ideas to evaluate and assist in the development stages of the project business and startup of new startups.
"We chose approach" research to business "-says the Director of Friuli Innovazione Fabio Feruglio – because even if the FVG is among the most virtuous for number of researchers per inhabitant and the large number of research centres, businesses, and particularly small and medium-sized, receiving only a small part of much research and skills available, and conspicuous shortcomings persist in the exploitation and use of research or the applicability of research carried out ".
Researchers and companies interested can find out more about and fill out the entry form to the project page

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