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Start date: January 2012
Finish date: December 2014

ESTAMOS aims at devising and developing innovative electronic and telecommunication technologies for the manufacturing of smart cars, typically mounting electric motors with no impact whatsoever on the environment.
So far, electric cars have failed to thrive owing to a number of issues like long recharging times and limited range. Those issues clearly need addressing. But electric vehicles already available on the market also lack interfaces allowing the car to communicate with the outside world and use traffic information and smart mobility services.
This project intends to develop technologies to improve the performance of exissting electric cars by equipping vehicles with communication systems for the use of traffic information services.
The project is co-financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region pursuant to Regional Law 14/2010, art. 16, containing provisions on the support of industrial research projects, experimental development, innovation and technology transfer for the development of individual mobility systems that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


  • University of Udine
  • Friuli Innovazione - Research and Technology Transfer Centre
  • Technical partners DM ElektronS.p.a.
  • DM SpeiorionS.p.a.
  • Micro-Vett S.p.a.
  • Estrima S.r.l.


Project Objectives
The project has a twofold objective: on the one side, it aims at fostering the use of electric cars by implementing new technologies that will increase range and reduce recharging times. On the other side, it aims at making electric cars more attractive by equipping the vehicles with onboard communication interfaces for the use of traffic information services.

Project deliverables include:

  • Electronic motor management and power supply systems
  • Onboard communication systems for the management of sensors and devices
  • Communication interfaces between the vehicle and the traffic infrastructure including radio devices for the use of traffic information services

Electronic motor management and power supply systems are used to maximize energy efficiency, thereby reducing environmental impacts, while at the same time improving range and battery recharge times.
The addition of communication systems and interfaces can enhance the vehicle, changing it into an environmentally-friendly integrated smart car that can interface with the surrounding mobility environment and exchange data with traffic authorities to obtain information on traffic, recharging stations and available parking facilities in the immediate surroundings. The described vehicle networking solutions may also be implemented in traditional and hybrid cars.

The project will be divided in 4 main activities:

  • Systems to control and maximize energy efficiency in electric cars
  • Systems to allow communication with onboard control and security devices
  • Systems to connect the vehicle to the infrastructure for the provision of traffic information
  • Operational coordination and dissemination of results




Michela Rosso
Phone + 39 0432 629928