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EXE PRIZE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Start date: December 2008
Finish date: September 2010

EXE PRIZE project has been approved under the European Pilot Action “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”. This programme aims at improving entrepreneurial attitude, internationalization and competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises and recently established companies. The aim is to implement at least 50 exchanges among nascent entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea, better if technology based, and experienced entrepreneurs.

Mobility activities offer to young entrepreneurs (“young” refers to the entrepreneurial experience rather than age) the possibility to spend a period of time - 1 to 6 months - in a successful SME situated in another EU Member State, in order to gain management experience and key skills for their own start up as well as for future internationalization actions.
To cover the costs for living abroad, participants will have a monthly allowance of at maximum EUR 1.100,00 which will be eventually supplemented by other funds coming from arrangements contracted by each Intermediary Organization.

Exchange Advantages
During the exchanges both parties gain the opportunity to learn about the other’s national market, business culture, and possibly get access to innovative ideas. In particular young entrepreneurs will support their host entrepreneur in the daily company management, in this way with the chance to see how another enterprise is run, how the boss takes decisions, how a settled SME is organized and so on.
In the meantime, young entrepreneurs are expected to contribute to the daily business activities, making available their own skills and sharing their cultural background by participating into research and innovation projects activities.
Both for young and host entrepreneurs a good English knowledge is essential. For young entrepreneurs the knowledge of the hosting country language is a plus.

Both young entrepreneurs and SMEs willing to host them have to subscribe at the website where can be found any useful information about the programme.



Friuli Innovazione, project coordinator
I3P Incubatore di Imprese Innovative, Politecnico di Torino -Italy
CICOM Organization – Business Innovation Center – Sofia Antipolis –France
ICT Cluster Bulgaria – Sofia, Bulgary
ITD Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency – Budapest, Hungary
IPN Incubatora Association for Business and Ideas Incubation – Coimbra, Portugal

Other Italian and local partners

APSTI - Parchi Scientifici e Tecnologici Italiani
Confindustria Udine
Centro Regionale Servizi per la piccola e media industria di Udine
Confartigianato Udine
CCIAA Udine, Pordenone, Trieste
Università di Udine – UN-IS.CO Start Cup
Associazione piccole e medie industrie di Udine
Infofactory SRL, Udine
PNI Cube - Ass. Incubatori e Business Plan Competition accademiche italiane
Provincia di Torino