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FVG-R2B- Research for the competitiveness of Enterprise

Start date: 1 June 2011
Finish date:

With this project Friuli Innovazione intends to launch systematic actions of collaboration between research and business in Friuli Venezia Giulia, which are capable of producing tangible results for companies, both in terms of increased competitiveness, both in terms of starting new businesses, focusing on four areas: extended-ICT (information and communication technologies but also all sectors where there is a strong ICT component), Metallurgy and Technology of advanced materials and Surfaces, biotechnology (Genomics) and Environment (also with reference to Energy). This objective is based on two sectors: project proposals

"Research > Company" whose activities are aimed at:

  • enhance projects and research results through technology transfer actions
  • encourage Enterprise Research-joint initiatives and projects of pre-competitive development
  • contribute to the competitiveness of SMEs by promoting internationalisation.

Idea > Company", whose activities are aimed at:

  • promote and support actions of entrepreneurship
  • support the development of business plans
  • create new businesses and support the start up, particularly in the "extended-ICT"


  • Friuli Innovazione, research and technology transfer (lead)
  • Università degli Studi di Udine
  • International School for advanced studies – S.I.S.S.A.
  • Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato Agricoltura-CCIAA Udine, Udine
  • Confindustria Udine
  • Confartigianato Udine
  • Association of small and medium-sized Industries Udine-Udine API
  • VI-Grade Srl
  • Infotel Ltd
  • Steel Foundry Cividale Spa
  • IGA Technology Services Ltd
  • Catas Spa

The annual project initiated in June 2011, provides for the implementation of the activities of both chains in parallel mode:

  • The "Research > Company" starts from scouting activities mainly at research universities and regional research centres and is available to select results and projects, with most potential interest for companies in the areas of competence. With the collaboration of associations and other organizations of enterprises (e.g. districts), these initiatives will be selected and presented in meetings with businesses to encourage joint research projects-enterprise.
  • The "Idea > Company includes the scouting business ideas, its evaluation and support in the development of entrepreneurial projects. Validated the technical feasibility and economic viability, it will trigger actions to support the creation, launch and support of new companies or start-ups.



Research > Company
Claudia Di Benedetto
T +39 0432 629924

Idea > Company
Elisa Micelli
T +39 0432 629941