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Start date: November 2008
Finish date: November 2011

IN-FVG New ideas for the development of the regional territory

IN-FVG project has been promoted in continuity with previous activities fostered in the regional territory aimed at supporting business start up and technological transfer. The main goal of this initiative is to encourage the development of highly innovative enterprise projects by means of first-class business training and shadowing programs in close relation with the Research, Enterprise and Finance System. Among the project specific objectives there is also the creation of a wide network of consultancies, collaborations and contacts on the regional territory in view of future business activity, provided thanks to the IN-FVG partnership advanced resources.

• Friuli Innovazione, Project Coordinator
• University of Udine
• Ires FVG

IN-FVG consists of 2 main steps:

• Application Tutorship: following a formal acceptance of the submitted application form, dedicated tutors will support applicants while drafting provisional business plans.

• Business Plan development: the preliminary business plans selected by the Advisory Board will access to a “tailor-made” training process including a mix of supporting tools, tutoring activities and dedicated consultancies, in order to finalize the Business Plan. Advanced Tools/services provided in this phase consist of:
• business and technology tutoring: aimed at analysing and developing the technological feasibility of the business idea, the managerial aspects of the business plan as well as the economic and financial plan;
• shadowing and on-the-job-training: internship programs for would be entrepreneurs in collaboration with companies settled in the regional territory in order to acquire key skills necessary for business management;
• classroom-based business training: cycles of seminars focused on start up fiscal and administrative issues, cost-effective and financing business management, organizational and commercial strategies, etc.;
• e-learning: online distance training to be combined with classroom-based training, in order to offer a dynamic learning process in view of business start up;
• tailor-made specialized consulting.

The Business Plan Development ends with a finalized Business Plan in view of the Business Start up.

In order to facilitate the training activities as well as the internship period, IN-FVG provides also financial grants meant for unemployed participants. The amount of these grants is defined according to the region/country of residence, namely: 9.000€ for residents in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 15.000€ for residents in other Italian regions, 18.000€ for residents in another countries.



Contacts -

Claudia Baracchini
Phone +39 0432 629940