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Start date: March 2011
Finish date: September 2013

The project wants to assess the state of the art for home care and highlight the opportunities offered by the new technologies (ICT, home automation, new materials, ergonomics, etc) to improve the quality of life at home for elderly and disabled people. Moreover, through pilot actions it aims at giving new solutions to the effective and efficient supply of home care services that can delay the need of hospitalization, reserving this solution only to the citizens who need specialized and continuous assistance.
A pool of multidisciplinary researchers (from technological, design, medical area, etc) will work on a network of apartments in Udine, where the newest domotics solutions will be implemented also involving the end users: a Universal Design/Design-for-all methodology will be used to generate new ideas for innovative product/services and business models.
The added value of the pilot action is that the apartments will be able to communicate with their inhabitants and also with the network of homecare services providers (hospitals, healthcare institutions, public and private services providers, etc), thus to offer the best chances for a real autonomous living at home, to elderly and disabled.
During the project, the end users will also become aware of the most innovative solutions available on the market for the home care at international level through special databases and guidelines.


  • Municipality of Udine, lead partner
  • Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation
  • Friuli Innovazione, Research and Technology Transfer Centre


Project co-funded by:
Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region - Central Directorate for Health, Social Health Integration and Social Policies

Project Activities

  • Renovation and equipment of Lab-Apartments
    Renovation of two apartments and implementation of home automation devices, ICT solutions, ergonomic furniture and any other products selected during the research. One apartment will be equipped with solutions aimed at helping people with physical or motor disabilities; the second one will be more devoted to those suffering sensory disabilities. The solutions implemented will be tested also by groups of end users, to collect their feedback and use it for further improvements.
  • Dissemination
    Organization of dissemination activities throughout the timeframe of the project according to a communication plan in accordance with United Nations “Agenda 21” plan of action (events, workshop, website, promotional materials, etc).
  • Project management
    Project coordination through groupware platforms and other tools; organization of project team meetings, operational management and monitoring (including financial monitoring) of the project.



Tommaso Bernardini

Phone +39 0432 629922