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Start date: July 2012
Finish date: December 2014

Highly qualified human capital represents a key asset for fostering and enhancing both economic growth and innovation rate in the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. In such context, RE-SEED project aims at implementing technology transfer actions with reference to research outcomes resulting in the spin-offs of research bodies.
More in detail, the initiative promotes the development of viable and innovative business ideas in view of the setting up of new enterprises based on the frontier of technological knowledge, mainly in the following areas of interest: agrifood, extended ICT and informatics, metallurgy and new materials, biotechnology, biomedicine, high performance and super-computing, applied mathematics.

Participation is limited to would-be entrepreneurs whose place of residence is in Friuli Venezia Giulia and more in detail:

  • researchers employed with open-end or fixed term contract, (research cheque included) that would like to validate the feasibility of an enterprise stemming from research
  • graduates that have carried out at least 9 months of certified research activity
  • post-graduate and post-PhD alumni; PhDs students and alumni interested in financial exploit of research results


  • University of Udine
  • Friuli Innovazione, Research and Technology Transfer Center
  • SISSA, Scuola Internazionale Superiore Studi Avanzati


In order to access to the initiative, potential candidates are required to fill up the on-line form - available at - within the opening dates of the announcement (see the website for call updates).

Applicants selected by RE-SEED Advisory Board will have free access to services such as:

  • business training paths, programmed in cycles of “basic” and “advanced” seminars. The former provide entrepreneurship’s main skills and basic concepts aimed at evaluating the feasibility and financial sustainability of a one’s business idea while the latter relate specific subjects held with experimental learning modalities.
  • tailored consulting services, namely a managerial counselling path aimed both to support the business plan writing and to deal with matters connected to enterprise creation.

The activities end with a finalized Business Plan in view of the business start-up. The business plan development path may be enriched by mentors coaching and exchanges with successful entrepreneurs.

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