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Techno Seed

Techno Seed is a non profit Technology Incubator situated in the Science and Technology Park of Udine, one of the 11 projects financed by the Ministery of Productive Activities in Italy (the only in the North East) with the aim of selecting innovative ideas based on ICT and Telecommunication for the setting up of new enterprises.

Techno Seed is promoted by Friuli Innovazione (also responsible for the project management), the University of Udine and IRES FVG (Institute of Economic and Social Research).

Techno Seed addresses to researchers and lecture-researchers, graduates, students, university employees, secondary school teachers, companies or company executives and employees wishing to develop an innovative project by setting up a new legal entity (by expansion or spin off).
Techno Seed provides 3 phases:

  • training: it is vital that the potential entrepreneur is trained in management and financial control techniques. For this reason Techno Seed provides short courses where above providing the basic tools for management, the main aim is to familiarize future company founders with the essential concepts and tools required when managing a company. This first stage ends with the initial evaluation and assessment of the business idea described in a preliminary Business Plan.
  • business planning: following acceptance of this initial BP by the Science & Technology Committee, a former incubation phase takes place where a step-by-step assistance is provided to potential entrepreneurs through two so called virtual Laboratories: Technology development Laboratory; Strategic and Planning Laboratory. Each Laboratory, managed by an expertise tutor, supports the development of the initial BP into a final BP, in particular through detailed and focused technology analysis, market research, marketing and Sales Strategies, financial planning, Operational analysis, sources of funding. This phase ends with an evaluation of the final BP by the Science & Technology Committee, which can select 12 business ideas until 2008.
  • start up and incubation: the aim of this activity is to support start-up businesses during the crucial early stages. Following acceptance of the final BP by the Science & Technology Committee and once the new enterprise has been set up, a seed capital financial support of 20.000,00€ is assigned to the start-up as well as the possibility to access to office space together with professional and expert business advice within the Science and Technology Park of Udine.

Techno Seed launched some outstanding initiatives:

Techno Seed is a member of the Incubator-Start up and Spin off Commission of APSTI (the Italian Science and Technology Parks Association), which has  carried out a mapping of the national enterprise incubator system; beside that, Techno Seed has activated a partnership with the Industry Association of Udine Province, in order to offer to the incubated enterprises assistance and consulting services as well as the possibility to access to the Association connections and know-how

Advanced services

In order to enhance advanced services already present in Friuli Venezia Giulia  Region, Techno Seed has created a network of high-skilled consultants for providing assistance to start ups in technology and business. New entrepreneurs, in fact, may benefit from counseling in the fields of business administration, management innovation, technology transfer and intellectual property protection and project management within the ICT sector.

Innovative Financing Strategy

A special Fund for Innovative Start ups has been created after a process agreement between representatives from regional Banks and Finance Companies in order to create and test an integrated network of innovative financing services. Together with the financing support provided by the Minister of Economic Development for every start up, other two financing instruments are now available for the new enterprises: risk capital participation, and access to loans on easy terms and with no garantees.
Collaborations and partnership on regional, national and international level with the aim of sharing best practices and create synergies in different sectors.

Access to ACHIEVE network

Techno Seed is member of ACHIEVE , a European network gathering together more than twenty among the best ICT incubators with the aim of providing a system which acts as a quality check for early-stage ICT companies and incubators (Achieve Incubator Accreditation Process)


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